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About me

As you might have read already in the "Featured Article", The Structure of the Site, I intend to use the category "About me" as the place to describe my past in health terms- i.e. more or less describe the committed health sins of the past and the consequences it brought to me in terms of disorders and MAE (Major Adverse Events). These events I obviously survived sofar and I do NOT intend to let them happen to me again. To accomplish this objective, normally one has to do something and since I am not blessed with miracle self-healing capacities, hard work is definitely called for, which will be described in another category called- "My Actions". 

The content you are reading now, is "filed" in the category "Introductions to Content", so is basically an introduction to the articles concerning "myself".  In this category you will find an assessment of how I think genetics versus lifestyle influence a person´s health i.e. his well-being. A more technical write-up you will find in the section "What is ..?", where I will describe what "Epigenetics" is and how we can change our genetic fate. Here, I continue with an "Anamnesis" of my past - and present (?) disorders or better "Risk factors" as written up by an endocrinologist (based on my statements of course) and a description or how I see those events/disorders in hindsight now, after they are hardly an issue any longer. But again- you never know- health is nowadays very much a "Risk Management" game, where oneself can have a lot of influence . 

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