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Prelude to Fas´ Health Change-Processes

In September 2012 a very common sigma carcinoma was removed from my colon with laparoscopic surgery by very capable hands in Ludwigshafen, Germany. The diagnosis of that thing being somewhere in my belly, I only received three weeks earlier and in between those two time points I visited the Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum in Heidelberg, where I was included in a diagnostic PET-CT study, which ruled out any metastasis to the liver and other organs. 
Those things went all so fast, that I hardly had any time to think, why this is happening and why is this happening to me and what am I going to do about it.  That time to think became available straight after being discharged from the hospital after a 10 days stay and after which I started a 3 weeks rehabilitation period in a specialized centre in a healthy forestry area in South-Germany (see article image). At that centre I could be often found in the fitness centre, walking around in the forest and at instruction meetings provided by dieticians and specialized excercise experts. I think I came home pretty much motivated to keep my weight at the than mark of 87 kg (192 lbs), thanks to my lost tumor and a week of starvation and live healthy from than on and  avoid discomfort related to health issues.
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There are several meanings of "anamnesis". It has a meaning in the Christian faith, which I will ignore here, but there are two more- one as a philosophical meaning and the last one as the more well-known medical one.  The introducing image on the side, is an example of an anamnesis experience in the philosophical terms , where Tom Hanks as Joe Banks has his "insight" in the wonderful movie, Joe and the Volcano.
Some more background on the philosophical meaning
According to Plato, the most important forms of knowledge come not from instruction, but by a re-awakening of already existing dormant or latent knowledge. This is called anamnesis and it is the idea that humans possess knowledge from past incarnations and that learning consists of re-discovering that knowledge within us.
Anamnesis comes in the form of "deja-vu" or "aha!" experiences -- insights, moments of unusual clarity, peak experiences, etc.  It involves only certain forms of knowledge: moral- (e.g., what is goodness?), existential- (e.g., what is the authentic 'me'?),spiritual - and mathematical.
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Fas Actions

Initially, most health seekers surely are mainly concerned with overcoming a specific health problem, seeking a specific  remedy promising the quickest result. However, in the long run and as we get older more and more health problems or diseases crop up and become increasingly more difficult to overcome by just using a magic bullet. This then makes the idea of serious lifestyle changes towards natural living and holistic healing more attractive, giving us a much better chance to become and remain healthy and fit right into old age. At least that was the realization I had about 2 years ago after I finally quit smoking.

I have no doubt that it is our natural birthright to be healthy and that it is actually unnatural to have a disorder. A disease means that we did not live according to our biological, social or spiritual nature. At present most of humanity lives in rather unnatural conditions surrounded by a minefield of technological and chemical health hazards. Even worse is our ignorance about the nature of these hazards that are mainly hidden from our awareness.
Therefore, in order to live more naturally we need to become aware of the main health hazards in our environment and learn to avoid or minimize them. We can learn from our own experiences and from those of others and we can also develop our intuition or ask for guidance and help.  I use all these methods- learn (most) from others and also important, learn by trying out and analysing my own "Quantified Self" data.
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What is .. ?

In the Introduction to the "About me" section, I referred to concepts, which actually brought a " 100% Schwerbehinderter" (=handicapped person) to start working on himself to try to eliminate the impact and consequences of the disorders experienced. For me personally it was not that I believed initially that my genetic disposition would prevent me from leading a long - and healthy life. No- in hindsight I consider it "pure lazyness" assuming, that the magic I was reading- and learning about i.e. regenerative medicine, would at some point in time cure me of all my ailments and all I have to do was being patient and wait for that time to come.
Of course- that was wishful- and more importantly highly erroneous thinking. It takes a lot of work, dedication-, patience and planning to become healthy again, especially for a person like myself, who did not waste any time for over 50 years to commit every health sin, which was available under the sun and is recognized as such in our society.  
The concepts I am employing now- to correct these wrong-doings, will be touched upon in the "Fas Actions" section, but require a more detailed explanation and write up, in order for everybody to be able to comprehend what I am talking about and have a reference for understanding.  So, this is where this section "What is..?" comes in.
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About me

As you might have read already in the "Featured Article", The Structure of the Site, I intend to use the category "About me" as the place to describe my past in health terms- i.e. more or less describe the committed health sins of the past and the consequences it brought to me in terms of disorders and MAE (Major Adverse Events). These events I obviously survived sofar and I do NOT intend to let them happen to me again. To accomplish this objective, normally one has to do something and since I am not blessed with miracle self-healing capacities, hard work is definitely called for, which will be described in another category called- "My Actions". 

The content you are reading now, is "filed" in the category "Introductions to Content", so is basically an introduction to the articles concerning "myself".  In this category you will find an assessment of how I think genetics versus lifestyle influence a person´s health i.e. his well-being. A more technical write-up you will find in the section "What is ..?", where I will describe what "Epigenetics" is and how we can change our genetic fate. Here, I continue with an "Anamnesis" of my past - and present (?) disorders or better "Risk factors" as written up by an endocrinologist (based on my statements of course) and a description or how I see those events/disorders in hindsight now, after they are hardly an issue any longer. But again- you never know- health is nowadays very much a "Risk Management" game, where oneself can have a lot of influence . 

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