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What is .. ?

In the Introduction to the "About me" section, I referred to concepts, which actually brought a " 100% Schwerbehinderter" (=handicapped person) to start working on himself to try to eliminate the impact and consequences of the disorders experienced. For me personally it was not that I believed initially that my genetic disposition would prevent me from leading a long - and healthy life. No- in hindsight I consider it "pure lazyness" assuming, that the magic I was reading- and learning about i.e. regenerative medicine, would at some point in time cure me of all my ailments and all I have to do was being patient and wait for that time to come.
Of course- that was wishful- and more importantly highly erroneous thinking. It takes a lot of work, dedication-, patience and planning to become healthy again, especially for a person like myself, who did not waste any time for over 50 years to commit every health sin, which was available under the sun and is recognized as such in our society.  
The concepts I am employing now- to correct these wrong-doings, will be touched upon in the "Fas Actions" section, but require a more detailed explanation and write up, in order for everybody to be able to comprehend what I am talking about and have a reference for understanding.  So, this is where this section "What is..?" comes in.

What is health?

In 1948, the WHO (World Health Organization) defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease ”. Health can be considered in terms of a person’s body structure and function and the presence or absence of disease or signs (health status); their symptoms and what they can and cannot do ie the extent to which the condition affects the person’s normal life (quality of life).
That is a pretty good general definition, I believe, which I will try to give specific meaning to and determine specific parameters for evaluation. You can consider me to be one of the idiots, who as a group are defined as the "Quantified Self" movement, i.e. folks who record everything about themselves. That involves not only my finances, but mainly things about my health- my fat %, my lean muscle % and weight are recorded each day and can be found on the web. So are my steps and sleeping hours as recorded by my Garmin Vivofit armband.  Blood pressure- for me , a vital measurement,  is at present manually recorded, but will be automated soon too.
Anyway-  key is first to understand that it is possible to  "change" and why the so called "Quackery Part of Medicine" seems to be right, contrary to what is generally referred to as "Science Based Medicine". My personal experiences, which has been mitaculously recorded (of course- as a Quantified Self Idiot) clearly demonstrates this apparent fact, which of course will be documented here also.
But first- an overview of Epigenetics and other articles in this category.
  • What is... Epigenetics?
    What is... Epigenetics? In the article "Genetic- vs Lifestyle Disorders" I already covered the Human Genome Project in quite some detail and concluded that, to the surprise of the scientific community, the aberrant genes causing the serious disorders of mankind simply do not exist and that slowly but surely, evidence is emerging that epigenetic changes can alter the way genes are activated or silenced. This knowledge that one can influence one´s own genome is extremely important, since a person can take charge of his mental- and physical health to a substantial degree and is the basic reason why I am writing all these words on this page.   
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  • What is...Leptin?
    What is...Leptin? How Your Hunger-Satiety System Affects Your Physical Shape Your hunger-satiety system consists of multiple neuro-peptides that act to initiate or terminate your food intake. These are your hunger-satiety hormones. Their signals are integrated by centers in your brain to modulate how you consume, spend or store energy. The balance between these signals dictates whether your body is in a fat-burning or a fat-storing mode. In order to maintain a healthy body weight, your hunger and satiety signals must continually adjust your food feeding quantities to your energy expenditure. Any imbalance between these two will affect your fat stores and physical shape.  The consequence of obesity, obviously is the result of a energy balance, gone astray, in which a surplus of accumulated food energy is stored as body fat. The most important and well-known satiety hormones are insulin and leptin, but there are several others. In respect of hunger hormones, reported…
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  • Anamnesis
    There are several meanings of "anamnesis". It has a meaning in the Christian faith, which I will ignore here, but there are two more- one as a philosophical meaning and the last one as the more well-known medical one.  The introducing image on the side, is an example of an anamnesis experience in the philosophical terms , where Tom Hanks as Joe Banks has his "insight" in the wonderful movie, Joe and the Volcano.
    Some more background on the philosophical meaning
    According to Plato, the most important forms of knowledge come not from instruction, but by a re-awakening of already existing dormant or latent knowledge. This is called anamnesis and it is the idea that humans possess knowledge from past incarnations and that learning consists of re-discovering that knowledge within us.
    Anamnesis comes in the form of "deja-vu" or "aha!" experiences -- insights, moments of unusual clarity, peak experiences, etc.  It involves only certain forms of knowledge: moral- (e.g., what is goodness?), existential- (e.g., what is the authentic 'me'?),spiritual - and mathematical.
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