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Initially, most health seekers surely are mainly concerned with overcoming a specific health problem, seeking a specific  remedy promising the quickest result. However, in the long run and as we get older more and more health problems or diseases crop up and become increasingly more difficult to overcome by just using a magic bullet. This then makes the idea of serious lifestyle changes towards natural living and holistic healing more attractive, giving us a much better chance to become and remain healthy and fit right into old age. At least that was the realization I had about 2 years ago after I finally quit smoking.

I have no doubt that it is our natural birthright to be healthy and that it is actually unnatural to have a disorder. A disease means that we did not live according to our biological, social or spiritual nature. At present most of humanity lives in rather unnatural conditions surrounded by a minefield of technological and chemical health hazards. Even worse is our ignorance about the nature of these hazards that are mainly hidden from our awareness.
Therefore, in order to live more naturally we need to become aware of the main health hazards in our environment and learn to avoid or minimize them. We can learn from our own experiences and from those of others and we can also develop our intuition or ask for guidance and help.  I use all these methods- learn (most) from others and learn by trying out and analysing my "Quantified Self" data.
To me its clear that the main biological influences on our health are nutrition, exercise or how we use our body as well as environmental factors. In addition to improving these conditions there are numerous natural healing methods to help us in our quest. These range from herbs and other remedies to working on muscle and bone structures and using even some (very selective) conventional medicine, which happen to add value to my "quality of life" .

Becoming aware of the factors that cause our distress and illnesses.

With our present poor eating habits deeply ingrained in our society and the all-out chemicalization of our lives it is almost impossible to remain reasonably healthy - and very few people do. Almost everyone has obvious or hidden health problems. We daily are confronted with statistics, which show this health detoriation in general and I hear way too often from friends and loved ones, what terrible things are happening to them healthwise.
This trend is clear for anyone who wants to see it. Statistics showing increased life expectancy, due to greatly reduced infant mortality are irrelevant for judging the health of a population. These figures simply mean that more babies survive the early-childhood infections, that we have better plumbing and hygiene, and that more elderly people are kept artificially alive by organ transplants or on life-support machines.
But this is not health. More relevant statistics show that most people in Western countries suffer from chronic diseases and that the percentage of chronically disabled people is increasing rapidly. Arthritis, cancer and Parkinson's disease used to be diseases of old people. Now they are also affecting children and juveniles. Health authorities so far have ignored the claims of natural medicine, that it is the superior form of treatment for chronic and medically incurable diseases. The very fact of a high rate of chronic disease in our society attests to the inability of the medical profession to successfully treat these diseases.
This is highlighted by the embarrassing phenomenon of the falling death rate during doctors' strikes. Statistics show that whenever there was a strike by doctors, the death rate in the affected population fell dramatically. In 1976 the death rate fell by 35 per cent in Bogota, Colombia. In Los Angeles County, California, it fell by 18 per cent during a strike in the same year, while in Israel it fell by 50 per cent during a strike in 1973. Only once before had there been a similar drop in the death rate in Israel and that was during another doctors' strike 20 years earlier. After each strike the death rate jumped again to its normal level.
During these strikes emergency care was provided. This means the patients who lived longer during the strikes were those with chronic diseases. They obviously benefited from a reduced exposure to medical drugs, operations and other technological interventions. There are also some hypotheses in "evidence based science", which are plainly incorrect and lead to low value "quality of lifes" for patients concerned. Those will be covered too, but mainly in the "What is..? section.
Below you will find short introductions of the articles included in this section: 
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    There are several meanings of "anamnesis". It has a meaning in the Christian faith, which I will ignore here, but there are two more- one as a philosophical meaning and the last one as the more well-known medical one.  The introducing image on the side, is an example of an anamnesis experience in the philosophical terms , where Tom Hanks as Joe Banks has his "insight" in the wonderful movie, Joe and the Volcano.
    Some more background on the philosophical meaning
    According to Plato, the most important forms of knowledge come not from instruction, but by a re-awakening of already existing dormant or latent knowledge. This is called anamnesis and it is the idea that humans possess knowledge from past incarnations and that learning consists of re-discovering that knowledge within us.
    Anamnesis comes in the form of "deja-vu" or "aha!" experiences -- insights, moments of unusual clarity, peak experiences, etc.  It involves only certain forms of knowledge: moral- (e.g., what is goodness?), existential- (e.g., what is the authentic 'me'?),spiritual - and mathematical.
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