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As I explained in the preceding "featured" article, I intend to "produce" an encyclopedia of my personal experiences AND knowledge of Natural Health therapies and actions in the non-blog part of the site. That really was easier said than done, as I actually experienced heaps of agony, looking for an adequate site structure and in this process, I dumped several concepts, which I developed, as being unsuitable.

The "Eureka" thought actually came to me, after reading some reports from the WHO- the World Health Organization-, which is an agency of the United Nations, headed presently by Margaret Chan, headquartered in Lausanne and working with a budget of over 4 Billion US$.  I recommend you visit the Wikipedia page of the WHO, which provides extensive information- LINK HERE


One of these reports, which was rather stale (2004), but however the most recent data from GLOBAL sources available, provided extensive information on the leading (preventable) CAUSES OF DEATH on this globe, which obviously, than are the things that one tries to keep under control in order NOT to die from a cardiac arrest or of anyone of the other killer disorders.

DeathByLeadingFactorsSo, when one has a look at the individual components on this list of leading factors-see image above-and their ranking, one could conclude, that most of these general causes DO make a lot of sense. Even, despite the fact that the "production year", which was 2004, probably indicates that not the latest scientific knowledge will have been used in compiling the data, which however is not all that important, since one can enhence the list with factors one knows are also important from a "todays viewpoint".

From this global view, which the WHO divided up in high-, medium- and low income countries, I will basically use the high income data in an adapted form for purposes of this site.




That means that the health risks to die from as shown in the second graphic- see on the left side- will be my guideline to describe "the health risk from the past" i.e. if it catches you, you had bad luck and when you survived , you have to change something in your life, for that event not to happen again.

So- the "Eureka" thing was beneficial really to establish at first, the two major components of the site- 

  1.  in the "About me" section everything about my past that roughly gave me the status quo of early 2015, which was the starting base of "the CHANGE PROCESSES"  and general awareness of the necessity of health improvements.
  2. in a new section "Fas Actions" I will describe the actions I took to prophylactically guard against those (slightly adapted) "leading factors" as indicated by the WHO report and as time passes by, prepare status reports on where I am in achieving parameters (or not), which best measure "best protection" against those leading factors or risks, which in itself are subject to a lot of discussion, since general consensus,what they are, is far and in between.

At least that will take care of the "own experience part" and the present status quo´s as they develop over time.

The FUTURE, including the theories on "anti-aging" and "other learnings to promote health and well-being" are the headings of the other categories I foresee will be prominent on the site, but which could surely change in time as we develop our thought processes.

Hope the above is clear- if not- just drop me a note- or write a comment in the sections where you can do so. I do love to communicate. 

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A planned category of the site, which I described as ""other learnings to promote health and well-being", will be simply "What is ..? - where I will post information on stuff which I experienced as being useful and was promoting my health -...

A planned category of the site, which I described as ""other learnings to promote health and well-being", will be simply "What is ..? - where I will post information on stuff which I experienced as being useful and was promoting my health - physically and/or mentally- as I could sense it. So this is really also a good place to start, since it will describe in more detail what I plan to tell you in the "Fas Actions" category.

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