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Prelude to Fas´ Health Change-Processes

View from Window at Colon Cancer Rehabilitation Centre View from Window at Colon Cancer Rehabilitation Centre
In September 2012 a very common sigma carcinoma was removed from my colon with laparoscopic surgery by very capable hands in Ludwigshafen, Germany. The diagnosis of that thing being somewhere in my belly, I only received three weeks earlier and in between those two time points I visited the Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum in Heidelberg, where I was included in a diagnostic PET-CT study, which ruled out any metastasis to the liver and other organs. 
Those things went all so fast, that I hardly had any time to think, why this is happening and why is this happening to me and what am I going to do about it.  That time to think became available straight after being discharged from the hospital after a 10 days stay and after which I started a 3 weeks rehabilitation period in a specialized centre in a healthy forestry area in South-Germany (see article image). At that centre I could be often found in the fitness centre, walking around in the forest and at instruction meetings provided by dieticians and specialized excercise experts. I think I came home pretty much motivated to keep my weight at the than mark of 87 kg (192 lbs), thanks to my lost tumor and a week of starvation and live healthy from than on and  avoid discomfort related to health issues.
Nose nasal cavitiesHowever- the weight loss did not hold despite quite a few efforts in reducing calory intake.  In 2013 my health deteriorated again, since I got the worst (and last so far) cold in my life, which seemed to last for ages. Of course, at a certain point in time I had to visit my ENT doctor, who had a scan made of my scull to see what was up. All sinusses were filled with mucus, including the frontal sinus, so surgery and drainage were deemed required.  As a last ditch effort to avoid that, I got a prescription for the most lethal antibiotic available on the market to take for 10 days. And thank god- that worked and the frontal sinus did clear.  Surely in hindsight, my gut must have felt deserted by me, but than again - in those days I still had all faith in conventional medicine and now I also know, what must have caused this- my defenses - that is my immune system were down for some reason. The laboratory sheets that I have saved from those days all showed double digit C-RP (C- Reactive Protein) values, way over (= more than double) the norm, which does not point to specifics, but certainly is an alarm-clock for the immune system.
cpap maskAnyway- later that year my wife made me visit my ENT specialist again (this otorhinolaryngologist word is a disgrace), since she had enough of my snoring in bed. After a few nights in the sleeping laboratory of the local hospital I was diagnosed with severe obstructive apnoe, which is known not to be particularly good for heart health and was equipped with a full face CPAP mask - see image- to put on every night before going to sleep. Horrible hardware, those things- after trying hard to adjust to it for a half year and always waking up without that thing on my face, I gave up and moved into a different bedroom.
That was almost midway 2014 and at that time I had accomplished something that I never thought was possible.  After 50 years of smoking tabacco- the self-rolled Dutch stuff from my student days, which I also rolled/smoked as an corporate executive- I gave up on smoking on my wife´s birthday in February. After many tries before to become smoke-free in my life, which never succeeded more than 4 months, this time it worked. My psychological trick was to wear a lighter in my pocket for about a year after promising myself, I will not light up a ziggy ever with it. Just headwork- nothing else. That has worked for almost 4 years now.
The rest of 2014 was positive restorative work. I tackled my vision issues amongst other things. On top of being diagnosed with glaucoma already in 1992, the cataracts I developed about 5 years before 2014, were "ripe" for removal and I had surgery on each eye to solve the issues. The new lenses are wonderful. I can see again better than ever before and that without glasses. The progress in surgery is fantastic, I wish it was in the same for general medicine too, since for me - it is now clear- that those issues are only a consequence of the metabolic syndrome and avoidable.2015 05 18 07.21.09
Anyway- there were still plenty of issues at the beginning of 2015, still gaining weight (way over 105 kg- 231 lbs) at the time - sleeping badly and having to visit the toilet 2-3 times at night, thereto having tempers and being easily agitated, which in turn were followed by depressive moods, which took way too long to get out off. Sheer misery so to speak.
Not being able to find solutions for my issues, I decided to do- what in the past I always thought was unthinkable- and that was- I booked about 15 sessions with a homeopath/shrink at the beginning of that year (2015).  In hindsight, that was the turning point in changing my life and my way of thinking. The guy discovered my sole mental block dating back from my youth, which I now have successfully dealt with in the mean time and directed me in analysing myself and my own issues and not simply relying on others - that means quite specifically- the solutions I was provided by conventional medicine I should query myself and find out if they work for me and if not, find alternatives.
Of course- that meant trying out the homeopathic way first- which I did- but only a few months or so, since I do not believe in it very much and my research, which I started in March/April led me to the naturopathy way, which science was very easy for me to follow, since I had been studying molecular biology the past 10 years or so in view of another "addiction" so to speak- the basics are pretty similar.
To cut things short- in April 2015 I started my pathway of renewing Fas (the fat guy you see in the picture to the right- taken on May 19, 2015) - i.e. myself- this prelude to it, which you just read, was the katalysor. Below you will find a graph of what most people find important- weight loss from that time to now- i.e November 2017 as I write this. More important to me is the homeostasis of my body- restoring it to the status human evolution had meant it to be. This homeostasis can reasonably well be quantified by some well-known markers of blood serum, so I give you those too. The more unknown ones, which I now value greatly, I did not measure back at the time in 2015 - but will going forward and in due course will report on those. 
Weightdevelopment 0515 1117
I did a lot of leg work for the stuff you see  in the graph - my next articles COULD save you that legwork- or not- it is all up to you. 
MAIN thing to know is- that I converted from a blind follower of conventional medicine, to a critical follower of science, but the type of rigid  science, which so far is permanently ignored by main stream conventional medicine, which conventional science I now believe has been built on unproven surrogate hypotheses and even worse- deceit.
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After being about 2,5 years on the path of my metabolic-, mental- and hormonal change processes I kind of consider myself half-way in that process, with results that I am pleased with and are gratifying to me. My brain fog is clearing and I feel...

After being about 2,5 years on the path of my metabolic-, mental- and hormonal change processes I kind of consider myself half-way in that process, with results that I am pleased with and are gratifying to me. My brain fog is clearing and I feel that my mind is getting sharper again, like in old times. Energy is also slowly coming back, which all mean that I will become more active again on the creative side of my life- of which sharing information through the medium web creation and content is a substantial part.
Stay tuned for more updates this coming winter.

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