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Genetic- vs Lifestyle Disorders

In this first article of the "About me" section,  you see a picture of a young boy on your left side, which-surprise, surprise- is me, when I was rather young. Purpose being,  I wanted to introduce you to my heritage and any genetic information available. Reason being,  one could very well see "vascular issues" generally as a genetic deficiency of a substancial part of mankind, since it is so widespread over the globe. However, I prefer NOT to do so, since I believe that any genetic inheritance i.e. any gene which is detrimental to the elasticity of arteries and vessels, 


can be silenced i.e. de-activated by positive lifestyle changes. Anyway- this topic is in nowadays quite hot and therefore the issue of high interest....

Genetics versus lifestyle disorders.

Key being- our smart Big Pharma scientists used to believe about 15-20 years ago, that after the age of small molecule- and antibody drug development, that the latest and greatest of those days - gene therapy- would solve all issues of mankind. Unfortunately for them, but GOOD for us, their thesis was totally wrong and genetic abnormalities tend to only cause about 10% of disorders and associated inconvenience. The bulk, 90% of our disorders we cause ourselves, or are caused by our environment,  which includes our nutrition.  To me that knowledge is wonderful news, since it gives almost anybody, a fighting chance to reverse a substantial part of their ailments and heal THEMSELVES to a large degree. We are also very lucky, that we do live at a time when spreading know-how through communications like the internet , is easy and affordable and that a lot of studies have been published to guide determined folks. 

But to be honest- that 10% in relation to genetic information intrigues me too. 

The Family heritage

One of the places to be able to gather information is  23andMe Inc - the Company of Sergey Brin´s former wife Anne Wojcicki. Unfortunately the FDA stopped the Company from providing genetic health information and one can nowadays only be served with ancestry stuff. That would be very boring information for me, since I do know where I come from. 

Right below you see an image from 1946 or so of my wonderful parents, Fas and Cecilia Kuiters, who were always there when I PaMa48needed them. Both died at a relatively young age and both were born in 1924. My father died in 1993, at age 69, from a total system collapse, caused by hepatitis type C, which he got through contaminated blood given to him during his by-pass surgery 3 years earlier at the Erasmus University Hospital in Rotterdam. This happened after leading a monogamous life without alcohol and tobacco. A horrific fate.

My mother minded the cats in our home in Germany, three years later in 1996, whilst I was on holiday with my family and suffered a severe heart attack. She never had cardiac issues, but suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and had pretty deformed hands as a result. I am 100% sure the lethal NSAID painkillers, which my practitioner in Maxdorf, (where I brought her once for check-up) said, were absolut killers and NOT allowed to be prescribed in Germany, have her on their conscience. On top of that, I am also convinced that inflammatory processes (like the one caused by rheumatoid arthritis) are much more dangerous to the vascular system as for instance cholesterol levels.

Expected Lifespan

The above was basically an introduction to the "chances" of living a long life. My parents were unfortunately not very lucky, but as a further indication, I wanted to look at the male heritage line of my father, which is known until the 17th century i.e. six generations before him. i.e. the male parental line, and see how they fared in respect of age. The following facts emerge in respect of lifespan, which you can see in the image below. (Courtesy Hanno Kuiters- owner of the Kuiters familytree)FasHeritage


 Below the weapons of the Royal family of The Netherlands (The House of Orange) and the one of the first City in Holland,  Dordrecht- you see the names listed of my forefathers, who all lived in Dordrecht. I am the first one who decided to escape crowded Holland and live elsewhere.  Sofar- elsewhere has been the US, the UK and Germany. But anyway- those numbers I believe are kind of neutral and nothing saying, since life expectancy has been very different a few hunderd years back and these numbers are all over the place, kind of confirming that genetics play a very sub-ordinate role.

The Human Genome Project 

The Human Genome Project was started in 1990 with the goal of sequencing and identifying all three billion chemical units in the human genetic instruction set, finding the genetic roots of disease and then developing treatments. It is considered a Mega Project because the human genome has approximately 3.3 billion base-pairs. With the sequence in hand, the next step was to identify the genetic variants that increase the risk for common diseases like cancer and diabetes.
This 3 Billion $ project which lasted (only) 13 of the planned 15 years, had to take several short cuts and summarizations and in the final analysis produced three major findings:
  1. There are approximately 20,500 genes in human beings, the same range as in mice.
  2. The human genome has significantly more segmental duplications (nearly identical, repeated sections of DNA) than had been previously suspected.
  3. At the time when the draft sequence was published (in 2003) fewer than 7% of protein families appeared to be vertebrate (=species with backbone) specific.
The razzamatazz and unfounded speculations surrounding the project will have demoralized many people with serious disorders to simply accept their fates, since all this agony must be caused by my genes of course and I cannot do anything about it myself. 
SisyphusThis belony seems slowly to be fading away, since more and more evidence is coming up that these "common" aberrant gene expressions causing serious disorders simply do NOT exist and conventional medicine was performing Sysiphus work without getting anywhere closer to a "result". 
That evidence I refer to is typically provided by the science of "epigenetics", which conventional wisdom defines as ;
"A stably heritable phenotype resulting from changes in a chromosome without alterations in the DNA sequence."
The gist of this is that Epigenetic changes alter the way certain genes are activated (or silenced), but does not change the sequence of the DNA code. This can occur in a number of ways and since the theme is so important to understand at least a little bit, I will devote an introducing article towards it in the "What is..?" section. So stay tuned.




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