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There are several meanings of "anamnesis". It has a meaning in the Christian faith, which I will ignore here, but there are two more- one as a philosophical meaning and the last one as the more well-known medical one.  The introducing image on the side, is an example of an anamnesis experience in the philosophical terms , where Tom Hanks as Joe Banks has his "insight" in the wonderful movie, Joe and the Volcano.
Some more background on the philosophical meaning
According to Plato, the most important forms of knowledge come not from instruction, but by a re-awakening of already existing dormant or latent knowledge. This is called anamnesis and it is the idea that humans possess knowledge from past incarnations and that learning consists of re-discovering that knowledge within us.
Anamnesis comes in the form of "deja-vu" or "aha!" experiences -- insights, moments of unusual clarity, peak experiences, etc.  It involves only certain forms of knowledge: moral- (e.g., what is goodness?), existential- (e.g., what is the authentic 'me'?),spiritual - and mathematical.
Truths understood by anamnesis, valuable in themselves, also serve as first principles for reasoning about oneself and one´s life. Conclusions based on these truths are more certain and correct than those based on false opinion, which is typically distorted by desires and fears.
Anamnesis, thus, is said to lead to a genuine life, something that is believed is worth pursuing (and which I tend to agree with) and which topic, I will come back upon, elsewhere on this page.

Medical Meaning of Anamnesis

The meaning here in this article, is simply the generally known medical one- the result of questions on past disorders, posed by an MD to his patient and recorded by the MD - in this case my endocrinologist- on the patient´s medical history, in this case- my own medical history.
Not all that long ago- medio 2015 or thereabouts I had my first encounter with this young doctor and early 2016 he wrote his diagnosis to my friendly (homeopathic -) practitioner, which included the following list of past-and present disorders based on the things that I told him:
  • peripheral artery disease 
  • coronary heart disorder- 3 vessels- MI 2005
  • colon carcinoma 2012
  • arterial hypertonia without hypertensive crisis
  • hyperlipidemia 
  • adipositas caused by excessive calorie addition up to BMI of >35
  • nicotine abusis- 80 PY- now abstinent
  • obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
  • hypogonadism - unknown cause
So- there you go. A nice long list of, what I consider now, sins of the past, which could have been avoidable with a different lifestyle.  Most of the things you see above are simply symptoms of the metabolic syndrome, which is very prevalent in modern society, be it in developed nations or in the emerging third world. If you think about it, the only things missing from the list of "normal" consequences of the metabolic syndrome are diabetes type 2 and maybe also "fatty liver syndrome".
SchwerbehindertenAusweisThose are not on the list, since I was just in time avoiding those. Last year April (2015) I "scored" 6.4 ng/ml on HbA1c and my fasting glucose value was way in red territory.  Borderline diabetic, clearly pre-diabetic, so to speak. At present those serum values are all in very safe territory and I intend to keep them there.
I will discuss these disorders, one by one in this category, with the focus - of course- on the vascular problems, since they are so common for all people on this globe regardless of race and gender. 
Schwerbehinderung and early Pensions
All the stuff above resulted in an early State (German) Pension as of January 2010, as a 50% handicapped person at 62 years, which the German authorities are very sparse in providing and also only could be had after a prolonged battle with all kinds of supporting medical evidence. See the image, which shows 100% which increase from 50 to 100% happened after my cancer treatment in 2012.  A similar battle was fought also with Dutch authorities, since that is where I come from.  I won that battle too- but in this case it was a court battle, which went in several instances and which I had to finance myself, despite an expensive law insurance policy, but in the end that was more like a Pyrrhus victory. The Dutch authorities are borderline criminal if you ask me in this arena of social legislation. 
Anyway- it is what it is. I survived- physically and financially until full retirement in 2014 and therefore survived 13,5 years of early retirement, which I started at the age of 52.
That was in the year 2000, after I also had a major burn-out. I never mention that to doctors (amongst other things), so you do do not find it in any anamnesis, but its impact on any individual should not be under-estimated, especially from a mental health perspective.
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